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Wheely 2 Games

Wheely is a smart red car. He falls in love on a car show with a cute pink car, which unfortunately is taken away from the show.

Wheely 2

Objective game

The goal of the game is to help Wheely to overcome obstacles and barriers and to find his love. The game combines logical and physical skills. First levels will be easy, but as you progress you will be really challenged by all the obstacles in front of Wheely.

Wheely Car Show


In this sequel, Wheely2’s mission is get to his girlfriend but doing so is not an easy peasy. You will have to help him reach the endline. There will be buttons presented in the game which you have to maximize in order to control the platform that he will be going or driving into. You must be able to unleash great navigation scheme in order to win the game and get to Wheely’s love.

Play wheely 2

Control Wheely

You control your car by clicking on it once to move forward and clicking on it again if you want it to stop. The game is entirely logical which means there is certain way for each level to be passed. You can trigger many processes or toys or ramps on each level. Just look carefully in order to build a strategy which will take you to the red flag. Once reached, red flag will let you through to the next level.

Click to play: Wheely 2

Wheely 2 – fun flash game.

Each level has a walk through which is available for you to watch, but my advice is to give a try or two before watching the hints. If you can do it by yourself that means that you are exercising your logical thinking and having fun at the same time. Be careful, as there are traps in the levels that can kill you and you will start from the begging.

At the beginning of the game you can chose your language. Once you start there will be a warm up level and a story of the meeting between Wheely and the cute pink car. However, the pink car will be taken right away so your adventure can begin.
Good luck,

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