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Car eats car 2: Mad dream Review

Today We will review great distance game.

It is called Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams and it represents second version of the game. It tells a story of a young boy that dreams scary things about his toy car. As every distance game in this one you will need to drive as fast as possible and to collect all diamonds. You have to be careful not to be eaten by the evil cars which will hunt you down until you blow off. You control your car with the arrow keys. You can balance your vehicle with up and down and also make it flip in the air with the same buttons.

Car eats Car 2

As you drive the distance you will be passing through different items. Some will give you turbo; some will give you bombs that you can throw. Using the turbo is important because first you can pass longer distance, which is the main goal, and second you can destroy evil cars which will be in pursuit. There are twenty levels to be unlocked and passed. You can monitor your statistics as you move through the levels. You can upgrade you vehicle which will give you better performance, thus you will be able to pass longer distance for shorter time.

Car eats car 2 Controls

There will be many items that can be used. You need to use them as quickly as possible because evil cars are fast enough to get you in case you do not destroy them. First levels when you take new item there will be a help guide appearing for several seconds so you can learn to use the item. The items vary from mega health, turbo charge, bombs and many more. On the screen you can see how many bombs you have, how many lives and how many rubies you collected. You can monitor your turbo bar and health bar as well as what is the next item on the road. At the bottom of the screen there is a progress bar where you can see how long you need to go to the finish and how far behind the evil cannibalistic vehicles are.

Complete Level 1

Every next level the evil cars that want to eat you will become better and better. It I very important in the game to collect rubies and to upgrade you vehicle in order to be faster and more durable every next try to cross the distance. We wish you good luck with Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams.

Car eats car 2 level 2

Here you can play this game…

Car eat Car 2: Mad Dream

Car eats Car 2

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